Reject Average

Reject Average is a private non-profit travel and adventure club that helps others in their Relentless Pursuit Of Enjoyment™

What We Do

We take our members on unique guided adventures and excursions with exclusive access and preferred rates. There is no normal. We've jetskied down the coast of California, we've snowmobiled the glaciers of Whistler, we've hiked and camped in Yosemite, we've taken private jets to luxury yachts. If it's exceptional we're interested.

Why We Do It

We love to find enjoyment in travel and adventure experiences that we can share with like-minded friends and members. Our members work hard and appreciate the journey in all facets of life. Simply put, we love to do fun stuff. Life is short. Travel. Adventure. Enjoy.

Who Does This?

Founded in 2017 by Producer/Director Brant Pinvidic, the club now hosts more than 400 members from all walks of life. We've taken a Los Angeles Laker to catch his first fish, and a plumbing contractor to kayak the glacier lakes of Northern BC... and we're just getting started. Like fun? Like fun people? Join the club.

Membership Details

Membership is by invitation only. Please message us to request info.

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